The idea behind making sweetness template and Guinness encyclopedia

The dream of making the historical template was the interest of manager of the factory : Mr.Ali Amin Ali Nasser . He planned a business plan for making the biggest and first sweetness template in the world in 2000 . on order to get into Guinness encyclopedia . after coordinating with their agent , many circumstances for bitted executing it , the most important one was the visit of the pope . it was an international and important event . that made the manager to postpone the idea for appropriate social and economical timing , so it will be a success

THE celebration

In august 15,2009 , the city Nazareth attracted more than 20 thousand citizens

Who participated in presenting the biggest halva temple , which signed Nazareth in to Guinness encyclopedia for 2009 , the mayor , members of municipality , MK DR.AFO AEGHPARIA , the manager of Israeli standards institute DORON TAMIR , masses and media from different Arabian and Jewish and Europe countries ,all of the above participated in this historical event , which got the trust of judges from different countries

At the beginning of the ceremony there were a few welcoming words which praised this historical achievement for Nazareth. This is a ceremonial day that raises pride , happiness and sublimation , when people gather to celebrate this international event , which added another international post for the importance of the city and it 2019s unlimited boundaries thanks to the entry of the template , the biggest halva template in the world into Guinness encyclopedia . there is more than one effect for this event: first of all preparing halva is an national industry , and getting into Guinness encyclopedia through national and traditional industry for first time in this city is a great achievement

This initiative received lots of praises and encouragement from the citizens of Nazareth and from other countries . the template weight 3811 ku201dg of halva , itu2019s length was 206 meters , its width was 46 centimeters , and itu2019s thickness was 3.5 centimeters . it took 24 hours to make it and more than 40 workers that worked to designing and preparing the halva template .the presentation was at marieu2019s Eye-virgin and continued to the Main street . A representative jury of Guinness encyclopedia participated in event in addition to the mayor and judges . they all were involved in each all the preparation levels of the template : weight , width , size continuing with it 2019s presentation in this special ceremony . itu2019s mentioned that until that day , Greece kept for the higher record for halva template , itu2019s length was 170 meter u2018 and itu2019s weight 1.3 tons

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